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A Steampunk Makers page. We are interested in your Steampunk projects, be they technical or costuming. We want to look, learn, and share ideas.

We are interested in connecting people interested in Steampunk. We are looking for inventors and tinkerers, and we are looking for artists and performers. Our goal is to allow everyone to have open discussions on the genre, on projects and ideas , and have some enlightened back and forth. we want to connect people with the ideas to the people with the know-how and vice versa.

Our first project was to create something wonderful for Beakerhead that occured September 2013 in Calgary. Beakerhead is a project merging the arts and technology and was ripe for some Steampunk involvement. (

We continue to look for projects and people interested in both the technical, and inventive side of steampunk as well as the art and aesthetic side and merging the two in grand steampunk fashion.

We invite any and all local Steampunks to join us to brainstorming, imagining, networking, fun having and creative doings. We encourage newcomers and welcome old hats as it were.

Your involvement is critical, this is a great opportunity to meet others with similar interests and diversified talents. A great place to connect your art talents with those with tech talents and vice versa. A opportunity to connect with the people who can put your ideas into reality. And a great time for great times.

Lets get SASSed.